Garbage Collector

K10 provides a way to collect and clean up the resources that are either orphaned or their expiration period has passed.

The following Helm options can be used to tune Garbage Collector behavior:

  • garbagecollector.daemonPeriod - the length of time between two consecutive garbage collection events (in seconds)

  • garbagecollector.keepMaxActions - how many finished actions to keep (if value is less than or equal to 0, no actions will be deleted)

  • garbagecollector.actions.enabled - enables action collectors (boolean)

Supported Resource Types

Garbage Collector daemon can currently clean up the following resource types:

  • Actions: When the limit, as defined by garbagecollector.keepMaxActions, is exceeded, the oldest actions are removed until the limit is reached. Each action type is handled independently in this process.

  • RestorePointContents - expired manual backups will be removed as determined by spec.expiresAt. This can be set via kubectl or on the manual snapshot page in the UI.

  • CSISnapshot - temporary CSI snapshots created during restore operations.

  • PersistentVolumes - temporary volumes created during restore operations.