Distributions provide a way to describe the relationship between globally defined resources and the clusters to which they should be distributed. This affords a tremendous amount of flexibility, allowing the correct policies to be applied to the correct clusters.

For simple setups, a single distribution may be sufficient. Multiple distributions may be used to accommodate more complex setups and topologies.


Global Resources

Resources managed centrally in the K10 Multi-Cluster Manager are also called Global Resources.

Global resources are defined independently from other resources defined in the primary cluster. This separation means global resources, such as Policies, do not apply to the primary cluster unless they are also distributed to the cluster. This ensures the administrator has control over where global resources are applied.

See Global Resources for additional details.


Distributions can target any cluster or set of clusters that have been bootstrapped. This includes the primary cluster setup during bootstrapping.


For more details on the bootstrapping process, see the Getting Started guide and Bootstrapping Commands Reference.