SUSE Rancher Apps & Marketplace Based Installation


Before installing K10 on a SUSE Rancher managed Kubernetes cluster, please ensure that the install prerequisites are met.

Prior to deploying Kasten K10, it is recommended that you need to create the namespace where Kasten will be installed. By default, the documentation uses kasten-io.

In the SUSE Rancher user interface, navigate to Clusters -> Project/Namespaces and click "Create Namespace" and create a namespace called ‘kasten-io’.

K10 Install

1. Find the Kasten K10 chart of the SUSE Rancher Marketplace. Navigate to Apps & Marketplace -> Charts and search for ‘Kasten’.

  1. To begin the installation, simply click Install

3. Select the namespace 'kasten-io' from the Namespace dropdown menu. Optionally select "Customize Helm options before install" to customize the deployment. See this page for detailed descriptions of available options.

  1. To complete installation, click Next