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Kasten Best Practices

Explore the following recommended practices for K10 to optimize its performance and ensure effective data management of cloud-native applications. Refer to this page for more information.


For the K10 environment to be transparent, secure, and compliant, the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) provides information about software components included in or with K10 software.


The SBOM bundle makes it easier to understand the composition of the software, which in turn makes it easier to evaluate any possible security vulnerabilities.

To generate the bundle, Syft is run against all of the images that K10 installs. An SBOM provides a comprehensive view of an image's contents, but does not indicate K10's dependency needs.

Download SBOM bundle sbom-6.5.12.tar.gz

K10 repackages and distributes the following 3rd-party open-source images:


The published bill of materials for these 3rd-party images are incomplete. Please refer to their corresponding projects for additional information.