The new License Management feature requires the ingress for the primary cluster to be configured. The ingress must be specified as the full URL used to access the K10 dashboard, e.g. https://primary.example.com/k10/.

This can be done one of two ways:

  1. By editing the Cluster resource for the primary cluster

    • Set the spec.k10.ingress.url field using kubectl edit:

      kubectl edit -n kasten-io-mc cluster <PRIMARY_CLUSTER>
  2. Using the k10multicluster setup-primary tool to re-setup the primary

    • Download the updated k10multicluster tool (see k10multicluster Reference for additional details)

    • Setup the primary again using the --replace flag:

      k10multicluster setup-primary --replace <ADDITIONAL_ARGUMENTS>


      In order to replace an existing primary setup, all arguments must be specified as if a new primary cluster was being setup.

      See Setup-Primary Command for additional details.


For upgrades from versions 3.0.7 or lower to version 3.0.8 and higher, all clusters must be individually upgraded and all secondary clusters should be re-bootstrapped using the k10multicluster tool. More information about bootstrapping can be found in the Bootstrapping Commands Reference section.