• New joins requests from clusters from versions 6.5.13 or lower will be rejected by primary clusters running versions 6.5.14 or higher.

  • Secondary clusters from versions 6.5.14 or higher are not able to use join tokens issued by a primary cluster using versions 6.5.13 or lower.

  • Existing join tokens the in the primary cluster will be regenerated as a part of the upgrade.

  • Join configuration options in the Join ConfigMap were updated. The option to override the primary-endpoint field was removed, and an option to override primary-ingress was added.

  • Clusters that are already a part of multi-cluster are not affected by the upgrade.


For multi-cluster features to function properly, ingress for the primary cluster needs to be configured. The ingress must be specified as the full URL used to access the K10 dashboard, e.g. https://primary.example.com/k10/.

This can be done by editing the Cluster resource for the primary cluster, and setting the spec.k10.ingress.url field using kubectl edit:

kubectl edit -n kasten-io-mc cluster <PRIMARY_CLUSTER>


To enable License Management feature, the ingress for the primary cluster needs to be configured.

Refer to the v6.5.0 upgrade note for how to set the ingress for the primary cluster, which is required for all multi-cluster features from v6.5.0 onward.


For upgrades from versions 3.0.7 or lower to version 3.0.8 and higher, all clusters must be individually upgraded and all secondary clusters should be re-joined.