Disconnecting a Secondary Cluster

Secondary clusters can be disconnected via the Multi-Cluster Manager dashboard.


Disconnecting an Unresponsive Secondary Cluster

If a cluster disconnect via the dashboard does not complete successfully, follow the steps below to manually disconnect a secondary cluster:

  1. Delete the mc-cluster-info secret in the secondary cluster.

$ kubectl delete secret mc-cluster-info --namespace=kasten-io

2. Manually remove the finalizer "dist.kio.kasten.io/cluster-info" from the cluster object in the primary cluster.

$ kubectl edit cluster <secondary_cluster_name> --namespace=kasten-io-mc
  1. Verify that the Cluster object is deleted.

$ kubectl get cluster <secondary_cluster_name> --namespace=kasten-io-mc

Disconnecting a Primary Cluster

After disconnecting all the secondary clusters, you can disconnect a primary cluster, by simply deleting the primary cluster object.

$ kubectl delete cluster <primary_cluster_name> --namespace=kasten-io-mc