RDS Aurora Backup

Aurora DB cluster backup can be performed by taking RDS snapshot of the running DB cluster.


The access credentials associated with the location profile should have these permissions to perform RDS operations.

Create ConfigMap

To facilitate K10 to connect to the Aurora DB cluster, a ConfigMap Kubernetes resource can be created with the details of the DB cluster.

Create aurora-app namespace, if required.

$ kubectl create namespace aurora-app

Create a ConfigMap in aurora-app namespace to store the Aurora DB cluster details.

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: aurora-details
  namespace: aurora-app
  aurora.clusterID: aurora-mysql-engine           # Aurora DB cluster ID

Create Blueprint

A Blueprint resource should be created via the following command:

$ kubectl --namespace kasten-io apply -f \

Once the Blueprint is created, annotate the ConfigMap with the below annotations to instruct K10 to use this Blueprint while performing data management operations on the RDS Aurora DB cluster.

$ kubectl --namespace aurora-app annotate configmap/aurora-details \

Finally, use K10 to backup and restore the RDS Aurora DB cluster.