K10 Dashboard Directly From the Google Cloud Console

If you are running on GKE and do not have kubectl installed locally, it is possible to use the cloud console to also access the K10 dashboard. You can accomplish this with the following steps:

  • Select the Kubernetes cluster that has K10 installed and choose Connect from the menu options on the top of your browser window.

  • A cloud shell window will be created and will be auto-populated with a kubectl command.

  • Execute the command in the window to have the console version of kubectl properly configured.

  • Run kubectl --namespace kasten-io port-forward service/gateway 8080:80 to enable forwarding when K10 is installed in the kasten-io namespace.

  • Select the Web preview icon from the cloud shell menu.

  • In the window that opens, replace the default URL (will look like https://8080-example.appspot.com/?authuser=0) with https://8080-example.appspot.com/k10/ where k10 is the release name under which you installed K10.